Progress and Present Situation in the Study of Zinc Telluride Powder

Crystal structure and electronic structure of zinc telluride powder: 

Crystal structure

Zinc telluride (ZnTe) is a group II-VI compound with various crystalline forms, including cubic and hexagonal. The cubic form of zinc telluride is usually grown from the melt, while the hexagonal form of zinc telluride is usually precipitated from the gas phase. In addition, zinc telluride forms mixed tellurides, which usually have a tetragonal structure, such as ZnAl₂Te₄, ZnGa₂Te₄, and ZnIn₂Te₄.

In the crystal structure of zinc telluride, the zinc and tellurium atoms are joined together by covalent bonds, forming a tetrahedral structure. In this structure, each zinc atom is surrounded by four tellurium atoms, and four zinc atoms surround each. This tetrahedral structure gives zinc telluride high structural stability.

Electronic structure

Zinc telluride is a semiconductor material whose electronic structure determines its unique physical and chemical properties. Because tellurium atoms are more electronegative, the electrons in zinc telluride are more likely to bind to tellurium atoms, which makes zinc telluride a P-type semiconductor.

In addition, the band gap width of zinc telluride also has an important effect on its electronic structure. At room temperature, the band gap of zinc telluride is 2.26eV, but at 77K, the band gap increases to 2.38eV. This wide band gap gives zinc telluride a wide application prospect in optoelectronic devices and solar cells.

Chemical and thermal stability of zinc telluride powder: 

Chemical stability: Zinc telluride powder is stable in dry air thanks to its unique crystal and electronic structure. However, zinc telluride powder decomposes when exposed to water and emits foul-smelling and toxic hydrogen telluride gas. This indicates that zinc telluride powder may exhibit poor chemical stability in humid or water-containing environments. Therefore, when storing and handling zinc telluride powder, special care needs to be taken to avoid contact with water or wet environments.

Thermal stability: The melting point of zinc telluride powder is as high as 1238.5℃, showing its good thermal stability. This means that at high temperatures, zinc telluride powder can maintain the stability of its crystal structure and chemical properties, thereby maintaining its physical and chemical properties. This high thermal stability gives zinc telluride powder a wide application prospect in high-temperature applications.


The application prospect of zinc telluride powder in photoelectric devices, solar cells, thermoelectric devices, and other fields: 

Photoelectric devices: zinc telluride has the characteristics of a wide band gap, which means that it has a strong light absorption capacity in a specific wavelength range. This property gives zinc telluride potential application value in photoelectric devices, such as photodiodes, photodetectors, etc. By optimizing the preparation process and modification method of zinc telluride powder, its performance in photoelectric devices can be further improved, and more efficient and stable photoelectric conversion can be achieved.

Solar cells: The application of zinc telluride powder in solar cells has also attracted much attention. In addition, zinc telluride can also be combined with other materials to form heterojunction solar cells, further expanding its application in the field of solar cells.

Thermoelectric devices: The high thermal stability and good electron transport performance of zinc telluride powder give it a certain application potential in thermoelectric devices. The high thermal stability and electron transport properties of zinc telluride make it an ideal material for thermoelectric devices, which are devices that convert heat energy into electricity. The thermoelectric properties of zinc telluride can be fully utilized, and the high-efficiency thermoelectric conversion can be realized by reasonably designing the thermoelectric device’s structure.


Application prospect and development trend of zinc telluride powder in the future: 

Expansion of application fields: At present, zinc telluride powder has been applied in photoelectric devices, solar cells, thermoelectric devices, and other fields. However, with the development of research and technology, the application of zinc telluride powder is expected to be further expanded. For example, in the biomedical field, some properties of zinc telluride powder could make it a potential drug carrier or imaging agent. In addition, zinc telluride powder may also show unique application value in other fields, such as catalysis and sensors.

Optimization and improvement of performance: By improving the preparation process and introducing doping or surface modification, the performance of zinc telluride powder can be further optimized and improved. For example, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of zinc telluride powder in photoelectric devices can be improved by precisely controlling its morphology and size. By introducing appropriate doping elements, the energy band structure of zinc telluride powder can be regulated to optimize its performance in solar cells. The optimization and improvement of these properties will help to broaden the application range of zinc telluride powder and promote its application in various fields.

Combination with other materials: Zinc telluride powder can also be combined with other materials to form composite materials or heterojunction structures, thus further expanding its application prospects. For example, heterojunction solar cells with excellent photoelectric properties can be formed by combining zinc telluride powder with other semiconductor materials. Combining zinc telluride powder with nanomaterials can prepare composite materials with special functions, which can be used in biomedicine, catalysis, and other fields.

Green production and sustainable development: With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, green production and sustainable development have become an important trend in the field of material science in the future. Therefore, in the production process of zinc telluride powder, we should pay attention to the problem of environmental protection and sustainable development, explore green and low-carbon production methods, and reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution in the production process.

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