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The selection of sea freight forwarder can usually consider the following factors


The transport of goods by sea is the main mode of international transport. About 90% of the goods in international trade are carried by sea. The carriage of goods by the sea not only includes procedures and a series of documents but also involves the parties concerned with the transport law, including freight forwarders. As far as forwarders are concerned, it is important to be able to discern the various procedures relating to shipping chimneys in order to provide good shipping services to shippers. As a cargo owner, the proper choice of freight forwarder means the choice of the appropriate shippers who are familiar with the shipping business and the mode of transport suitable for the trade contract, so as to effectively fulfill the legal obligations agreed in the trade contract, so as to protect their rights and interests as a cargo owner.


Smart shippers will choose those reputable forwarders. The selection of forwarders usually takes the following factors into consideration:


1. Freight forwarders should be familiar with maritime geography.

First of all, as an international freight forwarder, as the ship is in and out of different countries, so should be familiar with the world geography and routes, the location of ports, transshipment points and inland distribution points. Secondly, freight forwarders should also understand the pattern and development trend of international trade and the flow direction of goods. For example, Western Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan and other countries with a high degree of industrialization import a large number of raw materials from developing countries and export industrial products to these countries.


2. Freight forwarders should be familiar with the applicability of different modes of transport to the goods.

There are four modes of transport in the world shipping market: liner transport, charter transport, NVOCC transport and multimodal transport. Liner transport is characterized by a fixed time, fixed route, fixed port sequence and fixed rate. Charter transport refers to non-scheduled transport, which does not set a fixed route or schedule. It can operate on any route according to the supply and demand of the shipping market, and the freight rate is negotiable. It is suitable for carrying bulk cargoes. NVOCC refers to the carrier engaged in the scheduled operation, but does not own or operate the ships necessary for maritime transport, NVOCC is the carrier status with respect to the actual shipper but is the shipper status with respect to the actual carrier. For cargo owners or shippers, the choice of the appropriate mode of transportation depends on whether the freight forwarder is skilled in the following aspects of business:


1. The regular nature of transport services. If the goods are to be shipped out within a fixed time, liner transport should be selected;


2. Transportation speed;


3. Transportation cost, which becomes the most important when transportation time and speed are not the main factors for the shipper or owner to consider;


4. Reliability of transportation. Before choosing the shipping company to be entrusted with freight transportation, the strength and reputation of the shipping company should be investigated, so as to reduce the possibility of becoming a victim of maritime fraud;


5. Operating conditions and responsibilities. It appears that a shipowner has the ownership of the ship, but in fact, he mortgaged the ship to the bank and became the operator through the operating contract with the bank. This will have a negative impact on the interests of shippers in the future when cargo transportation disputes go to court.


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The selection of sea freight forwarder can usually consider the following factors

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