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The difference between silica powder and quartz powder

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The main components of silicon powder and quartz powder are silicon dioxide, but what is the difference and connection between them?
The difference between silica powder and quartz powder
1. The defining properties of silica powder and quartz powder
Silica powder: In the industry, ultrafine powder obtained by grinding quartz ore with corresponding purity or chemically obtained silica (such as white carbon black) fine powder is called silica powder.
Quartz powder: powder obtained by pulverizing raw quartz ore through different processing equipment.
Savour carefully, these two sentences still briefly describe the difference between the two. Especially why the natural quartz stone processed in Heyuan, Guangdong is called quartz powder, and processed in Jiangsu Donghai is called silica powder. "In the industry, people will grind ultra-fine powder obtained from quartz ore with corresponding purity."
2. About the definition and historical source of silica powder
In the early days, silica powder was defined as fine powder after dust collection in the chimney of a steel plant. In the early 1990s, the domestic refractory industry mostly used Norwegian micro-silica powder, which was actually the chimney dust collected by steel companies, and the fineness was sub-micron. At that time, no use of this product was discovered in China. Later, after domestic steel companies discovered this problem, the prices of foreign products continued to drop. At that time, it was called silica powder.
In the late 1990s, with my country’s reform and opening up and the development of the private economy, domestic electronic circuit boards also developed rapidly. Lianyungang Donghai, Guangdong Dongguan, Foshan and other places saw business opportunities and carried out ultra-fine purification of quartz powder. Such a product has no name, and cannot be called quartz powder or ultra-fine quartz powder. It seems too low level and technical content, so simply call it silica powder.
This name has gradually formed a trend with more and more companies. Up to now, it occupies the title highland. It has captured the original definition and connotation of silica powder. The original microsilica powder was not strong enough in the market, so I had to choose another nickname called microsilica powder. In a word, silica powder is actually the product of looting ultrafine quartz powder.

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