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Basic knowledge of spherical graphite

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Overview of spherical graphite
Spherical graphite is made of high-quality, high-carbon natural flake graphite as raw materials, and the graphite surface is treated by advanced processing technology to produce ellipsoidal graphite products with different fineness and shapes. Spherical graphite is a high-end product of graphite used in strategic emerging industries such as new energy vehicles, energy storage and environmental protection.
Advantages of spherical graphite
Spherical graphite material has good conductivity, high crystallinity, low cost, high theoretical lithium insertion capacity, low charge and discharge potential and flatness. At present, it is an important part of the anode material of lithium-ion batteries and is used in the production of lithium-ion batteries at home and abroad. Alternative products for anode materials. It has excellent electrical conductivity and chemical stability, high charge and discharge capacity, long cycle life and environmental protection.
Spherical graphite is used as a negative electrode material for lithium-ion batteries and has many advantages, including a wide range of sources, low price, low charging and discharging voltage platform, and high reversible capacity.
The processing mechanism of spherical graphite
The natural flake graphite dry concentrate is pulverized into a certain particle size and then subjected to deregulation processing to make it into a spherical shape. At the same time, the classification process is performed to obtain the initial spherical graphite with a normal distribution. Finally, it is subjected to high temperature and chemical purification. A finished product of spherical graphite is obtained.
Application prospects of spherical graphite
Currently, countries in the world are actively developing new energy industries, and the lithium-ion battery industry is one of them. With the continuous improvement of technology, the application of lithium-ion batteries in the 3C field, the energy storage industry, and especially the power battery field has become increasingly widespread.
In short, with the enhancement of the concept of environmental protection, the demand for spherical graphite will increase exponentially or even hundreds of times in the future, and the application prospect of spherical graphite will become broader and broader.

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