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Abnormal operation of FAG clutch bearing

wallpapers Tech 2020-07-29
Under normal circumstances, the clutch bearing will not be excited, but if excitation occurs, the situation must be checked. Causes and emergency measures of some failures during the use of FAG bearings:
1. The rolling sound of FAG bearings
Use the size and sound quality of the audio equipment to check the operation of the FAG bearing. Even if the clutch bearing is slightly peeled off and other damages, abnormal tones and sounds produced by irregular measurement equipment will be distinguished from the sound measurement results.
2. FAG bearing vibration
FAG bearing vibration is very sensitive to bearing damage, such as peeling, indentation, rust, cracking, abrasion, etc. will be reflected in the bearing vibration measurement. Therefore, the amplitude of vibration can be measured by using a special bearing vibration measurement (frequency analyzer, etc.) , The frequency analysis can be inferred from abnormal conditions. The measurement value of the sensor position used or installed under the bearing condition is different, so each machine needs to analyze and compare the predetermined standard measurement value.
3. FAG bearing temperature
The temperature of the bearing can be inferred, usually the temperature outside the FAG bearing chamber. It is more appropriate if the hole can be used to directly measure the temperature of the outer ring of the bearing. Under normal conditions, the bearing temperature will increase for 1-2 hours and slowly reach a steady state. The normal temperature of the machine changes with the bearing's thermal capacity, large thermal capacity, speed and load changes. If the lubricated clutch bearing is operated during inspection and troubleshooting, please install appropriate parts, the bearing temperature will suddenly rise, and the operation will stop when abnormally high temperature occurs, and take necessary precautions.

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