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Small: novel MOF core shell heterojunction derived cobalt phosphide anode for high performance potassium ion storage

wallpapers News 2020-08-30
With the rapid development of electric vehicles smart grid

the shortage uneven distribution of lithium resources may become an important factor restricting the application of lithium-ion batteries. It is urgent to find an environment-friendly low-cost alternative energy storage system. In this case the high abundance of potassium the corresponding potassium ion battery system have attracted great attention. Compared with sodium the potential of K / K reduction pair (– 2.93 V vs. she) is lower. Therefore potassium ion battery is expected to provide higher voltage window higher energy density at low cost. However the key bottleneck is that the potassium ion radius is too large which can easily lead to the change of electrode volume slow dynamic process. Therefore the search for suitable anode materials has become the focus of related research in recent years.

Professor Sun Jingyu's research group School of energy Institute of energy materials innovation Soochow University recently reported the latest development of cobalt phosphide as anode material in potassium ion battery system. In order to solve the problems of low capacity unstable structure of potassium anode on the one h cobalt phosphide with high theoretical capacity high cost-effectiveness good ionic / electronic conductivity was selected as anode material; on the other h the structure of potassium anode was constructed ZIF-8@ZIF-67 The core-shell MOF heterojunction was used as a template the three-dimensional porous nitrogen doped carbon coated cobalt phosphide material was obtained by MOF derivatization( NC@CoP/NC )It has nitrogen self doping The characteristics of heterogenous active materials are uniform distribution. This unique structure can provide fast potassium ion transport kinetics convenient electronic conduction path good mechanical stability so as to improve the storage performance of potassium ions. In addition the storage mechanism of potassium ions in cobalt phosphide was studied by first principles calculation meta characterization. The work of

provides a reference for the development of new anode materials for high performance potassium ion batteries. Related research papers published online in small

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