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New crown virus prevents shoes from bringing virus home

wallpapers News 2020-03-23

Will shoes bring the virus home?

Will the shoes take the virus home? Feng Luzhao, a researcher at the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that the new coronavirus is currently transmitted mainly through close-range respiratory droplets or contact.

After the droplets settle to the ground, even if the shoes may be contaminated, the amount of virus is very small. So in daily life, you do n’t need to disinfect the soles and keep them clean. It is recommended to change your shoes at the door after returning home.

What can I do to prevent taking the virus home?

1. Use private cars, bicycles, and walks whenever possible.

2. If you do n’t have a car or ca n’t drive, try to do the following:

(1) Get up and go out earlier than usual

Allow enough time to check if you have enough disinfection items, such as masks, disposable hand sanitizers, alcohol sprays, disposable gloves, paper towels, disinfection wipes, and so on.

Going out earlier than usual is to give us more choices. We can observe as many buses as possible and choose less frequent and crowded trains to ride.

(2) Wear masks and disposable gloves throughout

The main mode of transmission of the new crown virus is droplets and contact, so whether you are waiting or taking a vehicle, because of the closed environment of crowded people, you must wear masks and disposable gloves throughout the process. No disposable gloves can be protected by paper towels or plastic bags. If you still do n’t have one, remember not to touch your face or touch your nose, nose, and eyes during the journey. Wash your hands in time at the office, or use hand sanitizer and disinfection wipes to disinfect your hands.

(3) Try to keep a distance from other passengers

If there are not many people in the carriage, try to take a seat next to you, or choose to stand a little free.

(4) Try not to use public toilets in subway stations

Although the transmission of the virus through the faeces remains to be confirmed, for safety reasons, the use of public toilets in stations is to be avoided as much as possible.

(5) Record your travel trajectory and route

Use the notepad on your mobile phone to record the time, station, train number, and license plate number of your taxi.

Once there is an outbreak investigation on public transport, you can do it well.

(6) Be cautious when taking the elevator

During the elevator ride, you must wear a mask and touch the elevator buttons with disposable gloves, paper towels, plastic bags and other items. Talk less when taking the elevator. If the floors are not high, stairs are recommended.

(7) Reduce the frequency of meetings when working

When necessary, network meetings can be adopted to reduce the concentration of personnel. People who have to meet face to face, all wear masks and spread their seats.

(8) Disinfect common office items every day during office

Staplers, folders, printers, phones, mice, keyboards, whether it is public goods or personal use, remember to disinfect with 75% concentration of medical alcohol, alcohol cotton and other disinfectants every day.

(9) Try to bring your own meals

If the company has heating conditions, you can choose to bring bento from home. Eat alone and keep a safe distance from others. If you ca n’t bring meals, you can choose a reliable takeaway. If you must go to the cafeteria, you can bring your own tableware. During the process of queuing up, wear a mask all the way until you are ready to eat. We can also choose to bring our own tableware, pack the meals back to the company, and eat them alone. If you have to dine in the cafeteria, it is best to keep it separate, single, or staggered.

(10) Take off your jacket, mask, and disinfect clothes after returning home

After entering the door, first, take off your clothes and shoes, put down your handbag, and then use 75% medical alcohol, disinfectant to wipe the items. If you ca n’t buy the disinfectant, you can also hang it in a ventilated place for some time. Note that these clothes should not be mixed with home clothes at home. You can find something similar to a dirty laundry basket and put it separately. Also, do n’t forget to disinfect your phone and keys every day, and try not to let the children in your family play with them.

(11) Take a hot bath

Can clean the skin more thoroughly.

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