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Is there a molybdenum trace element in the human body?

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Introduction to molybdenum
Molybdenum, chemical symbol Mo, metal elements, for the human body and animals and plants. The molybdenum is a silver white metal, hard and tough. The human body is morally molybdenum, and the total amount of the total body is about 9mg, the content is the highest in the liver and kidney.
Molybdenum is a transition element, which is easy to change its oxidation state, and the effect of transmitting electrons in the oxidative reaction in the body. In the form of oxidation, molybdenum is likely to be in a +6 price. Although it is also likely to be reduced to +5 valence during electron transfer. However, other oxidation conditions of molybdenum were also found in the reducing enzyme. Molybdenum is a composition ingredient of xanthine oxidase / dehydrogenase, aldehyde oxidase and sulfite oxidase, thereby being aimed at human and animal plants.
Molybdenum powder characteristics
The color, particle size, surface characteristics, dispersibility, rheology, thixotropic and crystalline form can be manually adjusted, and the molybdenum powder is high, and the chemical is strong, good. Good thermal stability, molybdenum powder below 400 degrees Celsius will not decompose. In addition, the advantage of molybdenum powder is that the oil absorption rate is low, the hardness is low, the wear value is low, non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, and good dispersibility.

What harm caused by molybdenum powder into people
Molybdenum will make the body energy to malfun, resulting in myocardial deficiency and necrotic necrosis, which is prone to kidney stones and urinary articular symptoms, increasing the incidence of iron deficiency anemia, triggering caries, molybdenum is esophageal cancer, will also cause gout Syndrome, causing joint pain and deformity, kidney damage, growth and development, weight loss, hair fallfall, arteriosclerosis, connective tissue denaturation, skin black, skin ulceration, etc.
Hereditary molybdenum metabolic defects is the main reason for molybdenum lack, and there is still a report of lack of molybdenum during full intestinal nutrition. Phosphorus deficiency can lead to increased growth and even death, uric acid, xanthine and hypoxanthine excretion increase. Due to the inhaled molybdenum, the workers of molybdenum smelting plants will also take over excess molybdenum. Studies have found that measures such as serum molybdenum content, xanthine oxidase activity, blood and urine content are significantly higher than that of ordinary population.
Intrusion pathway to harm human health: inhalation, merged. Harmful harm to health: It is irritating to the eyes and skin. Local contacts can be seen in pneumoconiosis, conscious breathing difficult, systemic, dizzy, chest pain, cough, etc.
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