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Application Of High-Precision Bearings

wallpapers News 2020-04-20

The way to obtain high-precision spindle support can be summarized in principle as follows:

Select high-precision bearings and improve their accuracy through application technology;

Pay attention to application techniques, such as error cancellation method to improve installation accuracy, smaller interference method to reduce raceway deformation, and adjust clearance method to improve positioning accuracy and rotation accuracy;

Eliminate the factors that cause the loss of bearing precision.

Selection of high-precision bearings

High-precision bearings refer to bearings with high rotational accuracy, high dimensional accuracy, and low surface roughness. In China's standards, P4 and more upper bearings are used. For example, P2 bearings are high-precision bearings, which is roughly the same as the American standard ABEC 7 is equivalent to ABEC 9. comparable to the international standards ISO P4 and P2. International standards are recognized and adopted by many countries, such as Japan, Germany, and France.

Through precision machining, various types of rolling bearings can achieve high precision requirements. Still, the most used in high precision bearings are angular contact ball bearings and the main shafts of metal cutting machine tools that have high precision and high rigidity requirements. There are also many double-row short cylindrical roller bearings, followed by tapered roller bearings.

At present, due to the development of bearing processing technology, the international level of the actual product error of precision bearings at all levels is mostly less than 1/2 of the standard value, for example, the roundness of the ball bearings for machine tools is 0.3 μm, and the 0.25 μm used in computers.

In general, when selecting a precision bearings, users should first choose from the above three types. Moreover, even in these three types, not every specification has precision products, you must also search on the samples of various bearing companies or production plants, or inquire about its bearing sales department. Generally, P4 grade precision bearings are relatively easy to buy, while P2 grade precision bearings mostly need to be obtained through special orders. The precision products produced for the first time shall be handled as trial-produced new products.

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