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Advanced materials: the effect of metal organic framework pore wall on the catalytic performance of Pd nanoparticles was studied through the regulation of micro environment

wallpapers News 2020-12-10

metal nanoparticles have always been the research hotspot in catalysis they are also an indispensable part of industrial production people's life. Although metal nanoparticles have excellent activity wide application fields they are easy to agglomerate lose activity due to the limitation of self surface energy. Although surfactants traditional carriers can protect metal nanoparticles to a certain extent they also have their own limitations. When surfactants ligs are introduced the active sites of metal nanoparticles are often covered which affects their full contact with the substrate. When traditional carriers are introduced the area of the contact surface between metal nanoparticles metal nanoparticles is limited which limits the regulation of interaction. At the same time it often brings problems of selectivity stability. In order to solve the problem of the stability of metal nanoparticles in the reaction to underst the influence of the chemical environment around metal nanoparticles on their catalytic performance systematically comprehensively the jianghailong research group of

University of science technology introduced metal organic framework materials a new type of porous compound as the carrier of metal nanoparticles. The excellent porosity stability tailorability designability of metal nodes ligs of metal organic framework materials perfectly solve the problems caused by traditional methods of protecting metal nanoparticles provide a platform for reasonable systematic control of the chemical environment around metal nanoparticles. Furthermore the structure-activity relationship of metal organic framework materials is studied revealed which can provide a reference for the catalysis of metal nanoparticles The rational design of chemical agent provides a new idea.

were synthesized by introducing PD precursors into five kinds of uio-66 series MOFs with similar structure rationally through the improved two solvent method assisted by ultrasound Pd@UiO-66 Pd@UiO-66-OMe Pd@UiO-66-NH2 Pd@UiO-66-2OH Pd@UiO-66-2OH (HF) five materials. What you get Pd@UiO-66-X A series of catalysts showed different activity in the hydrogenation of p-benzoic acid the order of activity was from high to low Pd@UiO-66-2OH > Pd@UiO-66-2OH (Hf) > Pd@UiO-66-NH2 > Pd@UiO-66-OMe > Pd@UiO-66-H 。 Pd@UiO-66-2OH It showed the highest activity the conversion rate of substrate was 1 Pd@UiO-66-H It's nearly 14 times that. Yes Pd@UiO-66-X The DFT calculation co-drift experiment show that the charge transfer between PD MOF is the reason for the activity difference. Moreover according to the calculation results of d-b center Pd@UiO-66-X The adsorption energy of substrate is also the cause of activity difference. These two factors are well consistent with the order of activity.

this is the first work to systematically regulate the electronic state adsorption energy of metal nanoparticles loaded by metal organic framework materials through lig metal substitution simultaneously. This work not only provides a very important idea for the design synthesis of heterogeneous catalysts but also provides a new method for the rational control of the chemical microenvironment around the active sites to improve their catalytic performance. Moreover the microenvironment effect of catalyst is not only suitable for the composite system of metal nanoparticles metal organic framework materials but also can be extended to other heterogeneous catalytic systems.

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