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Advanced materials: perovskite nanowire photodetectors with stability over one year

wallpapers News 2020-10-28

are organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite materials with the general structure formula of ABX3 which have the advantages of narrow optical b gap high optical absorption coefficient in the visible light range long carrier lifetime diffusion length low exciton binding energy. Due to these excellent photoelectric properties perovskite materials have made remarkable progress in various optoelectronic devices. However the instability of these organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite materials is an important factor hindering the practical application of these devices. Due to the lower density higher crystallinity of the one-dimensional perovskite film compared with the one-dimensional perovskite film. However for practical applications the stability of one-dimensional perovskite micro / nanowire crystals still needs to be further improved.

Professor Xia Hong Professor Shen Liang Professor Sun Hongbo of Jilin University proposed a method to prepare perovskite micro nanowire arrays with high stability. The hydrophobic layer on the template is used to form an in-situ protective layer for the prepared crystal which ensures that the crystal is isolated from water oxygen in the air after the completion of growth greatly improves the stability of the obtained microwire crystal array to water oxygen in the air. The instability caused by water oxygen in the air of

is considered to be related to the grain boundaries defects in the crystal. Therefore the first key step to improve the stability is to improve the quality of the crystal reduce the grain boundaries defects. When there are few grain boundaries defects in the crystal isolating the crystal from water oxygen in the air can further reduce the degradation caused by water oxygen. The results show that the quality of perovskite crystal will be greatly improved with high crystallization quality effective isolation. When the crystal growth is completed the subsequent means are used to isolate protect the crystal which will inevitably cause the crystal to be damaged by water oxygen in this process. The team proposed a method for preparing microwires. Firstly the growth of crystals was controlled by the restriction of templates the microwire crystal array with high crystal quality was obtained. At the same time the hydrophobic molecular layer on the template not only protected the crystals during crystal growth but also transferred to the crystal surface after crystal growth forming an in-situ structure The protective layer avoids the exposure of water oxygen in the air during the subsequent treatment. Due to the excellent in-situ diffraction stability of the fabricated brb480 crystal after exposure to air there is no change in the quality of the microlines. At the same time the photodetectors fabricated by this kind of microwire crystal array not only have high performance but also have very good stability: after exposure to air for more than 300 days the response photocurrent of the photodetectors to the same probe light can still be maintained at the initial 96%. This method provides a new idea for improving the stability of perovskite materials.

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