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Advanced functional materials: Bio inspired, stretchable, adhesive and conductive structural color films for visualizing flexible electronics

wallpapers News 2020-12-27
In recent years

flexible electronic devices play an important role in health detection skin perception implantable devices which has aroused great research interest. Because of its good biocompatibility flexibility similar mechanical properties of human tissues hydrogels are important materials for developing flexible electronic devices. The conductivity of hydrogel materials can be obtained by doping conductive filler (carbon nanotubes graphene metal nanowires conductive polymers etc.) into the influent gel. In addition in order to promote the interaction between skin flexible electronic devices an effective method is to add natural or synthetic adhesives to give conductive hydrogel adhesive properties. However the fragile fragile nature of hydrogels makes them still face severe challenges in maintaining good stability. In addition most of the flexible electronic devices are the input or output of a single electrical signal. How to obtain a reliable signal in the complex biological environment is still an urgent problem to be solved.

recently Zhao Yuanjin research group of Nanjing Gulou Hospital has made the latest research achievements in the field of flexible electronic equipment. Inspired by the adhesion characteristics of mussels the principle of color change of chameleon skin members of the research group developed a kind of conductive structure color film with extensibility adhesiveness used it to visualize flexible electrons. In this project the researchers

have filled the adhesive dopamine carbon nanotubes conductive filler into the elastic polyurethane hydrogel with three-dimensional inverse opal scaffold developed a stretchable adhesive conductive structural color film. Due to the excellent flexibility inverse opal structure of polyurethane the films have stable tensile property bright structural color. In addition the addition of dopamine endows the film with good adhesion self-healing properties. At the same time the doping of carbon nanotubes plays a role in the conductivity of the film. Therefore due to the unique structure versatility of the film the film can achieve interactive color change electrical signal change in the process of stretching. By using this property the film can be used as a dual signal human motion sensor through real-time color detection electrical signal monitoring.

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