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Advanced energy materials: application of highly controllable nanostructures in electrochemical energy storage and conversion

wallpapers News 2020-12-27

make use of renewable new energy thoroughly solve the related environmental problems caused by traditional fossil energy consumption which plays a vital role in building a stable sustainable human society. Electrochemical energy conversion storage play an important role in new energy technology. In order to fully replace the current fossil energy supply system the electrochemical energy conversion storage efficiency of new energy technology need to be continuously improved so as to enhance its market competitiveness. However electrochemical energy conversion storage usually involves many complex chemical reactions physical effects. Because these physicochemical processes usually occur at the interface inside of the electrode electrolyte the choice of electrode material structure will obviously determine the dynamics transport behavior of related physicochemical carriers (such as electrons holes ions molecules). Therefore the design of electrode materials structures to improve the efficiency of electrochemical energy conversion storage has become an important research topic in industry academia for a long time.

are not only looking for suitable electrode materials but also focusing on improving energy conversion storage efficiency by designing electrode structures especially considering that traditional bulk electrodes have encountered a big performance bottleneck. Among various methods nanostructured electrodes show unparalleled technological advantages which are due to the unique physical chemical properties of materials in the nanoscale: for example controllable surface atomic ratio will increase the surface area of the unit mass material orderly spatial arrangement will provide fast carrier transport channels which will improve the related electrical performance Chemical reactivity. In general the use of electrode nanostructures to enhance electrochemical energy conversion storage includes four important research directions: the size morphology control of nanostructures the synthesis of heterostructures by combining a variety of nanostructures the design of spatial arrangement of nanostructure units. Highly controllable size morphology provide a huge space for the performance control of nanostructures such as changing the semiconductor b gap carrier transport chemical potential; the synthesis of heterojunctions the control of spatial arrangement are conducive to the combination of multiple material functions directional carrier transport nano confinement effect. Therefore the realization of highly controllable nanostructures will help to underst the electrochemical process of energy conversion storage optimize the device performance. In view of this Professor Lei Yong's team of ILMENAU University of technology Germany together with Professor Sun Shuhui's team of National Academy of Sciences of Canada Professor Zhang Shanqing's team of Griffith University of Australia discussed in detail the application of highly controllable nanostructures in electrochemical energy conversion storage. Firstly the effects of highly controllable nanostructure parameters (i.e. size morphology heterostructure spatial arrangement) on energy storage conversion in electrochemistry were summarized from the perspectives of physical carrier transport chemical reaction. Secondly the preparation methods of highly controllable nanostructures are summarized including light / particle etching scanning probe etching nano imprinting self-organization liquid deposition vapor deposition template assisted growth. Thirdly electrocatalysis photocatalysis ion batteries supercapacitors are selected as examples to show the application of highly controllable nanostructures in energy conversion storage devices the current research progress is discussed in detail. Finally the future research focuses difficulties are discussed the technology prospect for further research is made.

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