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About expandable graphite and graphite flroride

wallpapers News 2021-07-19
1. Expandable graphite
Expansible graphite selection of high quality natural flake graphite, the acid oxidizer (sulfuric acid, nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate) after the treatment of interlayer compounds, also known as acidified graphite. Expansive graphite has many advantages such as high-temperature resistance, high-pressure resistance, good sealing and corrosion resistance of a variety of media. It is a new type of advanced sealing material at present. It is mainly used in the following fields.
(1) Environmental protection.
Expanded graphite with hydrophilic and hydrophobic can make it selectively to solution positions unless the water in the water, this feature is widely used on the sea surface to remove the oil, and because of its special properties, molecular structure show the adsorption can be assembled into pieces after a large number of oil and floating on the surface, and handle renewable, recycled and will not cause secondary pollution. In addition to selective adsorption in the liquid phase, expanded graphite also has an inhibitory effect on air pollution, such as adsorption of carbon dioxide gas.
(2) Sealing materials.
Expansive graphite can be processed into flexible graphite (thermal expansion coefficient is small, at low temperature is not brittle, not burst, at high temperature is not softened, not creep) as a sealing material used, so it has been dubbed "King of sealing" reputation.
2. Graphite fluoride
Fluorine fossil ink is one of the research hotspots of new carbon and graphite materials with high technology, high performance and high efficiency in the world. Its excellent performance and unique quality are widely used in functional materials.
(1) used as a mold release agent.
Fluorine fossil ink has the characteristics of low surface energy, mainly used in powder molding, die casting, plywood molding and other metal mold release agents.
(2) solid lubricant.
Because the fluorine fossil ink has small interlayer energy, low surface energy and has good chemical properties and thermal stability, so its lubrication characteristics are outstanding, suitable for high temperature, high pressure, corrosive media and high load and other harsh conditions, such as high-temperature bearings, aircraft and automobile engine lubricants.
(3) Battery raw materials.
Although the battery composed of fluorine-lithium has high energy, it is very difficult to use fluorine as the active material for anode because of the toxic fluorine gas. But fluorine fossil ink has excellent electrochemical properties in the organic electrolytes, so it is widely used in the integrated circuit memory of computers, clocks and cameras.

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