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What is an air bearing?

wallpapers Industry 2021-03-15
Bearings, I believe everyone will not be unfamiliar and are commonly used scrolling bearings should be most familiar, it is an important component in contemporary mechanical equipment. What is the air bearing?
Air Bearing: Sliding Bearing with Gas Making Lubricants. The most commonly used gas lubricant is air, and nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, helium, or carbon dioxide can be used as needed. In the gas compressor, an expander, and a circulator, it is often used as a lubricant in a working medium.
The air bearing refers to a bearing that is supported by means of a pressure air formed between the bearing sliding the side surface, and then sliding the side surface is completely separated from the gas film. Air bearings belong to fluid sliding bearings in a sliding bearing, fluid lubrication when working, and its lubricating medium is air.
According to the mechanism of pressure air film, the air bearing is mainly divided into two categories: air motion pressure bearing and air static pressure bearing.
The pressure air film of the aerodynamic bearing is formed by the mutual movement of the sliding pair to converge the air bonding into the sliding side surface, and the gas film is substantially wedge-shaped. Since the air-motion pressure bearing does not require an external gas source, it is also known as "self-acting bearing".
The pressure air film of the air static pressure bearing is formed between the externally compressed air is formed between the sliding side surface by the throttle. Air static pressure bearing requires a clean external gas source.
At present, gas-bearing can be used in textile machinery, cable machinery, instrumentation machine, gyroscope, high-speed centrifugal separator, dental diamond, low-temperature operation, refrigerator, hydrogen expander, and high-temperature operation of the gas circulator.

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