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What are the Advantages of Aerogel Felt Compared with Traditional Materials

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Compared with traditional materials, aerogel felt can achieve better results with lighter weight and smaller volume. Aerogel has heat insulation, high-temperature resistance, noise reduction, explosion-proof, adsorption, corrosion resistance, catalysis, and permeability. The advantages of light and low dielectric constant can be widely used in aerospace, military industry, integrated circuits, chemical industry, new energy, and other fields.

1. Heat insulation and high-temperature resistance

Due to the existence of a nearly infinite number of nanopores in the aerogel felt, the heat flow can only be transferred along the pore wall when shifting in the solid. The endless amount of pore walls constitutes a nearly "infinitely long path" effect, making the stable heat conductive ability Drop to near the lowest limit. Aerogel felt can not only be used for heat preservation in fixed places such as warehouses, cold rooms, and individual tents, but also in mobile areas such as battlefield command vehicles, constant temperature transport boxes, locomotive heat sources, and precision instrument storage boxes. The aerogel can be made into aerogel felts or fabrics with different temperature insulation, strength, flexibility, elasticity, etc., which can be linked in the cockpit of armored tanks, extreme environment camp tents, boiler heat source insulation, and bedding It is applied in many aspects such as clothing, lining helmets, military winter clothing, and firefighting clothing.

1. The spacecraft cabin's building materials can achieve the effects of heat insulation, heat preservation, impact resistance, radiation protection, anti-static, anti-corrosion, and can effectively reduce the weight of the spacecraft; the outer coating of the return cabin can realize the return to the atmosphere—thermal insulation effect.

2. The production of spacesuits can achieve the impact of heat preservation, impact resistance, and radiation protection.

3. The planetary exploration vehicle manufacturing materials, and the protection of precision components of alien exploration equipment (radiation protection).

4. Adsorb and capture space particles.

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