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Using "Boron Powder" Can Make Nuclear Polymerization Safe and Efficient

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Tokamaks (tokamaks device) is a ring-shaped nuclear fusion device, but this device has a major problem, that is, to ensure that the plasma used for nuclear fusion reaction is not affected by impurities, so as not to reduce the reaction efficiency.
Now, scientists at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) have discovered that spraying a powder into the plasma can help scientists use the superheated gas in the tokamak device to generate heat to generate electricity. , And will not produce greenhouse gases or long-term radioactive waste.
Nuclear fusion is the energy that drives the sun and stars. It combines light elements in the form of plasma to generate a lot of energy. Scientists are trying to replicate the process of nuclear fusion on Earth to provide almost inexhaustible power to generate electricity.
A few days ago, this research report on the results of nuclear fusion was published in Nuclear Fusion. PPPL physicist Robert Lunsford is the first author of this report. He said: "The main purpose of this experiment is to see us Is it possible to apply a layer of boron with a powder jet? So far, the experiment seems to be very successful."
Coating a layer of boron on the side of the tokamak device facing the plasma. This process is called "boronation". Boron can prevent an element called tungsten from immersing into the plasma through the wall of the tokamak device. Once tungsten enters the plasma, it will cool the plasma particles and reduce the reaction efficiency of nuclear fusion. But scientists want to make the plasma as hot as possible—at least 10 times the surface temperature of the sun—in order to maximize the nuclear fusion reaction to generate electricity.
The use of powder for boronization is also much safer than the boronization gas called diborane currently in use. Lunsford said: "Diborane gas is explosive. Therefore, during the boronization process, everyone has to leave the building where the tokamak is located. But if you can add some boron powder to the plasma, it will be easy. It can be handled much more. Diborane gas is explosive and toxic, but boron powder is inert. This new technology is less invasive and less dangerous."
There is another advantage of boron powder. During the operation of boron gas, the physicist must stop the tokamak device, but the boron powder can be directly added to the plasma while the device is running. This feature is very important for providing a stable source of power, and future nuclear fusion facilities must operate uninterrupted for a long time. Lunsford said: "This is a way to achieve steady-state nuclear fusion. You can add more boron without shutting down the machine completely."
There are other reasons for using powder jets to spray the inner surface of the tokamak. For example, the researchers also found that injecting boron powder into the plasma has the same effect as injecting nitrogen into the plasma—both technologies increase the heat at the edge of the plasma, thereby increasing the stability of the plasma in a magnetic field.

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