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Magical Solid Material-Aerogel

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There is a material, and although it is stable, it is incredibly light, it looks like a curl of blue smoke, like a dream, this is the most lightweight solid material in the world-aerogel.
What is aerogel?
We know that the colloidal particles in the gel have long been combined, but these particles are not close together like pomegranate seeds but are connected into a spatial network structure. There are a lot of holes in such a spatial network structure, and the holes are filled with liquid. Without destroying the spatial network structure, these liquids are pumped away, and the gas is allowed to fill the surrounding system to form an aerogel.
What can aerogels do?
There are many types of aerogels, such as oxide aerogels, organic carbon aerogels, carbide aerogels, metal aerogels, and multi-component aerogels.
Silica (SiO2) aerogel is an excellent oxide aerogel. Its porosity is as high as 80%-99.8%, and its thermal conductivity is extremely low at room temperature. Therefore, silica aerogel is an excellent thermal insulation material. Moreover, the refractive index of silica aerogel is close to that of air, allowing sunlight to pass through it quickly. With this heat-insulating and light-transmitting properties, silica aerogel has been used in solar energy utilization and building energy conservation.
All-carbon aerogel is an aerogel material developed by Zhejiang University. This material has a strong adsorption capacity. Existing oil-absorbing products generally can absorb about ten times the mass of organic solvents, while full carbon aerogels can absorb up to 900 times the group of organic solvents. Moreover, its adsorption efficiency is also excellent. One gram of all-carbon aerogel can absorb 68.8 grams of organic matter per second. Besides, the structural toughness of the all-carbon aerogel is also excellent, and even if it is compressed thousands of times to 20% of its original volume, it can be quickly restored.

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