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The influence of load on lubrication

wallpapers Products 2021-03-01

The friction between objects is determined by the contact surface pressure and the friction coefficient of the contact surface material. Bearing rings and rolling element materials are generally made of GCr15 steel. It can be considered that the friction coefficient is basically unchanged. Therefore, the main reason for affecting the friction is the load borne by the bearing. When the load is large, it is easy to make the surface of the friction pair lubricate the film Rupture, resulting in adhesive wear on the working surface of the SKF bearing, which can cause severe seizure of the friction pair.

Generally, solid lubricating additives such as molybdenum disulfide, graphite, and polytetrafluoroethylene are used in lubricating grease to improve the lubricating ability of the friction surface. However, the use of solid lubricating additives will increase the noise value of the bearing operation and limit it. Application promotion.

In addition, during the actual operation of the bearing, the actual contact surface area of ​​the friction pair is much smaller than the working area seen from the appearance. Therefore, even if the bearing bears a small load, a larger contact pressure will be formed on the surface of the friction pair. It causes adhesive wear of the friction pair, so although some bearings are not working under higher load conditions, lubricating grease containing extreme pressure agents should also be used.

Although the use of this lubricating grease will increase some costs, but for some special working conditions, from the perspective of improving the service life and reliability of the bearing, the cost performance is still relatively good.

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