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Features of split spherical roller bearings

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The main dimensions of the split spherical roller bearing are matched with the integral bearing with tapered bore or the integral bearing with cylindrical bore with tapered sleeve. The split ring and cage of the split bearing are split horizontally. Due to the split clamping ring, the inner ring of the split bearing is wider than the inner ring of the integral bearing. The inner ring of the split spherical roller bearing is closely matched with the trunnion, and the tolerance of the trunnion is h7 to m6. For split bearings, not only the outer ring raceway has been phosphated and coated with molybdenum disulfide, but the rolling elements have also been phosphated.
Split spherical roller bearings are characterized by small size and compact structure. Split spherical roller bearings can be installed directly without disassembling the shaft and other components from the original bearing, which will save installation time and reduce costs.
Applications with limited space or difficult to disassemble bearings are very suitable for split bearings. Split spherical roller bearings are suitable for all industrial fields, mainly for torque converter support, large conveying equipment, common roller support, elevators and conveyors, paper making machinery, continuous casting rolls, large conveyor equipment, feed processing, Cranes, etc. are used for bearings that are difficult to disassemble.
The split has brought improvements. In many applications, mounting a spherical roller bearing on the shaft is very complicated. When replacing the bearing, all adjacent components need to be removed. This leads to longer downtime and complicated additional tasks such as disassembling gears, clutches and transmissions. There are also other costs, such as replacement parts, tools, labor and crane rental. When using split bearings, most processes and costs can be eliminated. Installation and disassembly will also become faster and easier, especially for hard-to-reach bearing installation positions. Schaeffler can provide split spherical roller bearings with a shaft diameter of 5563m.

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